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Franchise Employee Morale: Motivating the Generations

McJobs used to be the domain of high school kids looking for extra income to buy gas for their cars. Today’s economy has changed that. Go to any franchise storefront and you will see employees of every generation working behind the counter, greeting you at the door, serving your food, making your next appointment, selling you bird seed, changing your oil, working the cash register, helping you maneuver the latest physical fitness equipment, etc. How do you, as a franchise owner, motivate your employees when they come from different age groups?

Here are some hints for motivating employees who come from the various generations:

Millennials–your youngest employees

  • Appeal to their altruistic tendencies.
  • Share with them the big picture–your mission statement–so they can feel a

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Cool Research on Motivating People

Is money the ultimate motivator when it comes to work productivity? New research shows that money as a motivator works when the tasks are simple. But when cognitive skills are at play, autonomy, skill mastery and a sense of purpose are the three factors that lead to better productivity. Watch an innovative video about the subject by Dan Pink.

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Motivating Employees

Credible leaders know how to tap into the hearts and minds of their employees.  That involves constant communication.  Sometimes those discussions are friendly; other times, they are tough talks about issues and circumstances that weigh heavily on all involved.

Even though employment statistics seem to be improving, times are still tough. Moving employees forward during these times is the result of a proper balance of realistic expectations, inspiring goals, and … as I always preach…constant communication.

People want to be part of a cause bigger than themselves.  If they can find that in the workplace, they will be more engaged in the company’s mission. That’s your job as boss to make sure they understand the cause.

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How Do You Motivate Employees During Tough Times?

Is the economy rebounding? Who knows? One source says it is returning to normal. And then the numbers prove otherwise. In any case, the need to motivate employees in these tough times continues. Do you have examples of your company’s motivation efforts?  If so, I’d like to hear them.

Gary Hall of Cattron Theimeg Inc. wrote:

“With all the layoffs and furloughs that are taking place due to business conditions, the employees are being left to bare the burden. Too many companies these days take employees for granted. I like to send people home unexpectedly with pay, even if is just a few hours. (Especially on) a nice Friday afternoon. I do this for hourly as well as salaried employees. The unexpected action is the …

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