Tough Talks Book Series

Discover How to Make Your Most Difficult
Discussions Successful

Have you had sleepless nights thinking about how to talk to employees about their job, the company and their future?  If so, you’re not alone. Difficult discussions are a part of life for everyone, but especially for bosses.

But what if there was a proven system for making difficult discussions successful?  Combining what she learned researching the best practices of companies, interviewing experts in employment law, counseling and worker loyalty, communication expert and author, Jean Palmer Heck, has developed the Tough Talks CHECK® System.

This program features a five-step process which will make your next difficult discussion successful.

Jean Palmer Heck’s book, “Tough Talks® in Tough Times”contains specific examples and valuable advice about how to deliver bad news.  Although primarily focused on work situations, the Tough Talks CHECK®  System can also be applied to personal situations, several of which are detailed throughout the book.

Download your free CHECK®  System page from “Tough Talks® in Tough Times” and learn more about the book!