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About Jean Palmer HeckJean Palmer Heck is an international communication advisor with a strong background in corporate communication. She is a professional speaker, executive speech coach and media trainer, having trained people from more than 32 countries. As a former television news anchor and spokesperson for Eli Lilly & Company, Jean has taken her ability to ask insightful questions and turn the answers of experts, business owners and supervisors into a valuable resource for your next presentation in front of a group or in a one-on-one situation.

Jean is the president and founder of Real-IMPACT, specializing in important presentations and speeches.  To learn more, please visit

Story Angles and Topics

Jean Palmer Heck is available to contribute unique insights, sound bites and featured content to media professionals working on a variety of communication and leadership topics, articles and interviews. As a former television anchor and professional spokesperson, Jean makes the perfect guest on shows and the perfect contributor for publications.

All content Jean provides is customized to your specific industry, needs and target outcomes.

A few possible story angles include:

  • Tough Talks® in Tough Times at Work
    • Common problems
    • Common mistakes
    • What happens before, during and after a difficult conversation
    • Issues that demand immediate conversations
    • ToughTalk CHECK™ system for delivering bad news
    • Examples and case studies
  • Communication for Today’s Leaders
    • The boss from communication hell
    • What differentiates good communicators from bad
    • The future of leadership and communication
    • Communicating with different generations
    • Keeping employees loyal
  • Speaking in Front of a Group
    • Secrets for the reluctant speaker
    • How to get rid of nervousness before you give a speech
  • Strategic Communication Skills to Reach the Executive Suite

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To schedule an interview or to invite Jean to participate in an upcoming event, contact her directly at (317) 430-9100 or through our secure contact form.