Tough Talks Book Series

Do You Dread Standing Up in Front of a Group and Giving Presentations?

“Tough Talks®: Powerful Presentation Road Maps: Developing & Delivering Important Speeches”

If you answered yes to the question above, you’re like thousands of others who endure sleepless nights and stomach flip flops at the mere thought of developing and delivering an important speech.

As a former television anchor and professional spokesperson, Jean Palmer Heck is an International Communication Expert.  Her workbook, “Tough Talks®: Powerful Presentation Road Maps: Developing and Delivering Important Speeches” covers the essentials for creating presentations.  It walks you through the necessary extras for making them… and you… memorable.

From this workbook you will learn:

  • What to consider before you begin — a CHECK® list to use with each presentation and speech.
  • Seven formulas for organizing your material.
  • Memorable ways to enhance presentations, including audio visuals, stories and natural humor.
  • Twenty exercises to hone delivery skills.
  • Solutions for common speaking problems.
Find out how to develop and deliver powerful presentations—order “Tough Talks® Powerful Presentation Road Maps” today!