Tough Talks Book Series

When your ToughTalk is a Public Speech

Difficult conversations take many forms. They can be one-on-one discussions about work issues or personal relationships. They can also be very public conversations that are in the form of a speech or presentation. The content itself may not be fear-inducing, but the act of getting up in front of a crowd may feel overwhelming.

Here is a video about overcoming the fear of public speaking. In it, I offer five proven techniques to make these kinds of tough talks even easier.

For more hints on speaking in public, Powerful Presentation Road Maps is now available as an ebook. Here’s a brief summary and information on how you can get a copy of it.

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Tell Your Story

Please tell us your experience with a tough talk.  Were you on the receiving end or did you have to deliver it?  What happened?  How did you and the other parties feel about it?  Is there any advice you have?

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