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Franchise Employee Morale: Motivating the Generations

McJobs used to be the domain of high school kids looking for extra income to buy gas for their cars. Today’s economy has changed that. Go to any franchise storefront and you will see employees of every generation working behind the counter, greeting you at the door, serving your food, making your next appointment, selling you bird seed, changing your oil, working the cash register, helping you maneuver the latest physical fitness equipment, etc. How do you, as a franchise owner, motivate your employees when they come from different age groups?

Here are some hints for motivating employees who come from the various generations:

Millennials–your youngest employees

  • Appeal to their altruistic tendencies.
  • Share with them the big picture–your mission statement–so they can feel a part of something big and make a difference.

Gen Xers 

  • Give them instant feedback.
  • Give them time off as a bonus when deserved.

Baby Boomers

  • Share the profits.
  • When sales increase, and their good work habits have played a part, give them monetary bonuses.


  • Show them respect.
  • Dress and act properly so they respect you.

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