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When Talking Money is a Difficult Discussion

One of the most common subjects that cause discomfort for many people are discussions involving money. Even with the instant, open communications that occur about a variety of topics, finances are still taboo for many.  If you are a business person who offers a service for which you charge a fee, what happens when your client thinks it is too high, and gives you push back?  It becomes a difficult discussion that you can’t put off.

Lois Creamer, a small business consultant and coach, whose company is called Book More Business, has a good way to handle the tough topic.  She writes:

I suggest you talk about your fees as if they were a commodity. If anyone says your fee is to high, I suggest you say this:

“Yes, my fee is high. So are the results I bring my clients. I must admit that I am thrilled my fees have risen. It says that I’m in demand. If I am not a fit for this (project), perhaps I can suggest someone less experienced with less expertise who may be able to do the job for you.”

This is Step 2 in the Tough Talks™ CHECK® system: learning how to say things in an appropriate manner.

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