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Bad News in the Elevator

I just visited my ob/gyn for a regular check up. As I was leaving and getting on the elevator, a young couple came out of the office, fighting back tears. Their grim faces said it all: they had just received bad news. My guess was that they had already had a lengthy discussion with the physician, had already spilled many tears, and were on their way home or back to work.

It broke my heart  to be a ‘visitor’ of their pain–even for the brief 30 second trip. They were so evidently stunned, shaken and sad as a result of their tough talk. I honored them with silence during the ride.  When the elevator reached the ground floor, I sent a silent prayer their way, hoping their next visit to the ob/gyn will bring them good news.

Have you received bad news from a doctor? How was it handled? With dignity, respect and concern? With warmth? I hope so. Let me know your story.

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