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In the absence of good communication, rumors fill the vacuum

If there is one business where rumors never stop, it’s the professional sports arena. At this time of year, rumors are abundant, especially in the cities of professional football teams. Here in Indianapolis, the rumors surround our future hall of fame quarterback, Peyton Manning. Will he heal from his neck surgeries and be able to play next season? If so, will  he stay in Indianapolis?  Or will he go?

Everyone has an opinion. And these opinions are turning into rumors.  Even actor Rob Lowe has gotten in on it. He tweeted that Peyton was not going to be around another season. How does he know? Well, he’s friends with the Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, so people thought that he does have the inside scoop. But Irsay denied that rumor.

There are lessons to be learned from this scenario for those of us who do not have a staff of professional football players–those of us who work with mere mortals !

  • In the absence of information, rumors will be spread.
  • When rumors spread, morale begins to plummet.
  • Resentments can build based on false information.

So bosses, do what you can to keep water cooler gossip at a minimum.  Communicate often. If you don’t say anything, your employees will make it up.

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